From personal Farm Financial Management to complex Agricultural Business Operations Decisions, our expert team of consultants is here to help you Save Time and Money.


Would you like to spend less time on bookkeeping and more time farming?

We use the latest technology to produce time saving automation of data entry, invoices, billing and other functions so that you can harvest more time to focus on what you do best.

Data Entry / QuickBooks Apps

Data Management Services:

  • Accounting data entry of all transactions for you including inputs, plantings, and harvests. We can also do whatever portion you don’t have time for. We’ll team with you to get the job done the best way for your specific farm business.
  • Management of inputs for your farm production, plantingscrop costingharvests, plus all the usual:  accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking and account reconciliation, payroll services, and crop or product inventory.
  • Organization of your accounting input to make data entry and automation more efficient including apps that integrate with QuickBooks software.


Are you sure you have the right information to make better farm management decisions?

We can take you from selecting and implementing the right QuickBooks tools for your specific farm business needs to rapid growth of real-time result access.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) / QuickBooks Desktop (QBD)

Training Services:

  • Creating a plan and purchasing the right products to get your business to the next level are only as good as how well they are implemented.  Our team provides hands-on help to implement your new products and services and we offer continuing support.
  • Our expert training services include helping you review current accounting systems and status of records, select the right version of QuickBooks, setup your QuickBooks, data entry, setting up and running payroll, bank and account reconilications, and then, most important of all, we teach you to set up and enter the processes necessary to get your inputs, plantings, labor, and harvests in QuickBooks so you can obtain the reporting you need to make better decisions.
  • Investing in our training services is the first step.  Our seasoned team of consultants is here to guide you every step of the way in maintaining your bookkeeping and farm records.  We help you train you staff members, identify improper or abused accounting areas, and hoe the row alongside you as you travel this journey.


Do you want to improve farm management and increase profitability?

We apply our extensive experience to coach you with the education, systems and tools needed for you to reap actual benefits.

Management / Organization / Planning / Analysis

Consulting Services:

  • Ongoing Support
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Advisory – We help you dig into your data to make key business decisions as you plow ahead to future growth and success.  This may not always mean more income, but more work life balance or time to travel.
  • Advanced Coaching – Understanding the financial health of your farm business and adding important nutrients to a plan that sprouts rewarding action is just one piece of the puzzle. Knowing where to seed next is another big question mark. Our team helps you sow the right steps to help your farm business grow.

We are a Leading QuickBooks ProAdvisor for
Farm Businesses.

Outstanding QuickBooks Accounting Services – Nominated as one of the country’s TOP 100 ProAdvisors for 2020

QuickBooks Products

Are you using the best tools to help manage your farm business? As an Intuit Reseller, Dangerfield Consulting can help you choose the right QuickBooks versions at competitive prices.  Call us at (706) 318-2496 for details if you’re looking to purchase and implement QuickBooks for the very first time or interested in an upgrade.


Are you tired of training that takes too much time away from farming and doesn’t get to the point?  Whether in person or webinar based, Dangerfield Consulting uses the latest methods and approaches for training that is easy, focused and time efficient. Call us at (706) 318-2496 for details.

We Understand Farms.

Dangerfield Consulting’s key objective is for farms to learn QuickBooks and apply that knowledge to farm business operations to understand where they are, where they need to make changes, and where to grow – to better manage the farm business.

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