Our Story

Dangerfield Consulting is a different type of accounting and financial data management firm.

  • We know farms.

  • We provide opportunity, mentoring and support to our clients.

  • We offer an environment where people feel confident to contribute ideas and solutions.

  • We have a strong work ethic, including the ability to take something difficult and make it understandable and simple, the ability to problem solve.

  • We are dependable, honest, caring, concerned and give more than expected.

  • We value other people’s time and do so by being on time for appointments.

  • We keep our promises and honor our commitments.

Debbie Dangerfield is a farm owner with more than 30 years of accounting and business consulting experience.

With a personal mantra of “I want to help farmers feed the world healthy food”, it’s easy to understand why she has developed a solid reputation of outstanding professional performance in her field.

We’ll help get you set up with just the right QuickBooks products for your farm business and share our extensive knowledge base either in person or through Webinars.

You can trust Debbie and her team to deliver financial services above and beyond your expectations for better farm management.

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