From personal financial management to complex business operations decisions, our expert team of consultants is here to help.

  • QuickBooks Setup

  • QuickBooks Training

  • QuickBooks Bookkeeping

  • Business Management

  • Business Organization

  • Financial Analysis

  • Business Planning

Business Organization
Incorporation Services
Setup of Tax ID’s
Setup of payroll services
Business licensure requirements
Certification Requirements

Business Planning-LivePlan Training
Business planning intensive workshops
First five webinars – group of each starting in February Mondays once every two weeks

QuickBooks Setup

  • Set up Brand new business
  • Clean up business
  • Determine chart of accounts
  • Determine training needed and provide action plan
  • Review current accounting system and status of records
  • Define accounting system requirements
  • Appraise accounts receivable setup
  • Determine best process for account payable
  • Assess payroll setup (including deductions)
  • Review organizing and filing systems/processes
  • Evaluate job, class, location, department, grant or project tracking
  • Determine most effective training needed and design action plan

QuickBooks Training
Provide setup, installation and training on QuickBooks accounting software including but not limited to accounts receivable, accounts payable, job costing, inventory, department costing, payroll, bank and credit card reconciliation and business reporting.
Customized process manuals for your business – click here to learn more!

QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Accounting Services
Includes cloud accounting software
Matching of bank feeds
Data entry – look at – supposed to earn 30% they have qb at first of their url
Recording of transactions from Receipt Bank
Reconcile bank statements and credit card statements
Review Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Period Closing
Monthly or Quarterly Controller services

On a monthly basis, (or weekly basis), the entry of all applicable transactions into the QuickBooks company file including checks, deposits, credit card charges, and other customer and vendor transactions affecting the company file
Reconciliation of up to 2 bank/credit card accounts
Adjusting journal entries as necessary, including depreciation
Set up of new customers and vendors on as needed basis
Monthly management reports

Payroll Services
Prepare weekly payroll for up to 25 employees
File and remit accrued payroll liabilities in a timely manner to federal, state and local tax authorities
Preparation of quarterly payroll tax returns
Preparation of annual payroll tax returns including W2’s
Annual reconciliation of payroll
Annual reconciliation of Workers Compensation and true-up
Set up of new employees on as needed basis

Tax Services
Preparation of monthly sales tax returns
Preparation of business income tax return
Preparation of up to 10 vendor Forms 1099

Unlimited email and telephone support – included in all
Monthly bank reconciliations
Premium 3 accounts/unlimited transactions
Advanced 2 accounts/unlimited transactions
Essential 2 accounts/100 transactions
Reconcile Balance Sheet Accounts
Full management reporting
Recording of invoices and processing of customer payments
Not included
Not included
Manage month-end closing processes
Monthly review of expenses to maximize tax deductions
Expense and receivables monitoring and advice
Up to 10 accounts
Up to 5 accounts

Technology Services
Set up access to QuickBooks Online and payroll
Set up access to all financial and tax data via secure portal
Installation of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise
Help linking apps to QuickBooks


Latest update to software – QBDT
Payroll Reconciliation of Summary to Quarterly reports
Quarterly payroll reports
Software updates
State year-end for W2’s
Closing Year in software
Review of general ledger – email corrections to you or we make corrections
Preparation of documentation for CPA
Upload documentation to CPA

Payroll processing – must be regular data entry client for payroll services, give WEEKLY price or BIWEEKLY price (so seems smaller)
Submittal of payroll timesheets via fax or email (we do not accept texts for submission of payroll information)
Client responsible for all direct deposit fees
Direct deposit – up to 50 employees
Direct deposit – up to 25 employees
Direct deposit – up to 15 employees
Verify or Preparation and filing of federal and state tax deposits
Verify or Preparation and filing of quarterly payroll tax returns
Verify or Preparation and filing of sales tax returns
Verify or Preparation and filing of business tax returns
Completion of annual 1099/1096 reporting
Included on Premium and Advanced – not on Essential
Tax planning meeting (not me)
Management meetings to review financial data
Annual financial statement transaction review
Free Prem
Free Adv
Not included on Essential
Submission of year-end documentation and data to CPA
Free Prem
Free Adv
Not included on Essential
Reports on your key numbers
Not included
Integration of POS System with QB
Not included
Not included
Recording of bills and processing of bill payments
Not included
Not included
Specialized Financial Reporting
Backup of Financial Data – QBO and QBDT offsite
End of Year Checklist
Not Included

QuickBooks Consulting/Coaching

Annual Review
Do list names make sense?

Quarterly Management Meetings to review financial data, tax planning and filing of estimated tax payments

Review organizing and filing systems
Evaluate job, class, location, department or project costing
Interview staff members to determine best functional fit for accounting system
Analyze financial statements and growth strategies
Analyze and refine processes
Coach executive leadership team to help financial systems match mission
Determine most effective training needs and design action plan
Implement action plan
Review of reports and systems

Oversee accounting function
Financial statement review
Cash flow management
Financial Statement Preparation
External Reporting
Human Capital Strategy
Strategic Decision support
Reporting to Stakeholders

As a farm owner and more than 30 years of accounting and business consulting experience, you can trust our team to deliver above and beyond your expectations.


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